Remember the days when you as a kid would shoot at any thing that would explode or pop and give you a little excitement when you hit the target.  Well I guess you can figure out what I was shooting at as a kid.  Yes, Cherry Targets is the inspiration to a new line of target stands created for small caliber firearms.

As an avid gun enthusiast I had a hard time finding a good quality target stand for clay pigeons for my son and I to shoot at.  The only target stands available had to be assembled and stuck into the ground, yet in the Rocky Mountains where I would go shooting it was difficult to find soft soil to push the stand into the ground.  This prompted me to create my own design.  Many people commented on it and loved the idea I started making target stands for others. Soon it grew into a small business.

Now you have the opportunity to purchase a high quality zinc plated steel target stand that is made in the USA.  It requires little assembly the target is almost ready for fun right out of the bag! Purchase a Cherry Target clay pigeon stand and you will get years of use out of it.

And… it has been so much fun developing the first target stand that we are already thinking of all the possibilities for developing future target stands, in multiple rows, columns and even rotating targets.  So, please check back often to see what is the next creation of Cherry Targets.

If you have ideas for a “Cherry Target” please send me an email and I’ll be happy to consider it as a possibility.

Mike Rowley